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Jun 16, 2011


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Dennis Sanders

Michael, I'm wondering what you think about the whole "Progressive Christianity" change over at Patheos. Tony Jones and Bruce Reyes Chow shared their views. I wrote something back to Bruce sharing my wariness of the term progressive. The intent behind the name change as Bruce describes it seldom works out in reality.

Michael W. Kruse

Dennis, I just went and read Bruce's piece and I'm inclined to agree with you. I see myself as fitting nearly every category he describes yet I would find few people would call me "progressive," except for some fundamentalists who might use the term as a pejorative. I think your comment was spot on.

Bruce is talking about a posture we take ... being intellectually honest and reflective, while welcoming relationship with those with whom we disagree. It seems to me that these describing a posture that everyone should take while still be liberal, conservative, or whatever.

The label progressive is too deeply identified with political movements extending back to the late 1800s and it has served as moniker for the Mainline social justice milieu. This comes perilously close to communicating that people who share Mainline perspectives are reflective and welcoming while others are not, unintentionally offending others Bruce may wish to include.

Dennis Sanders

I thought you might want to see my take on the whole Progressive Christianity thing.


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