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Aug 27, 2011


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I'm sorry to learn of the passing of Isaac. It is always difficult to loose a beloved pet.

Alan Wilkerson

I'm sorry, I was never a cat person till I married my wife and I've hated each time I've lost one of my independent, furry family members.


Viola Larson

I am very sorry, Michael. he looks like such a noble creature in those two pictures.


So sorry. We do get attached to them. I'll give ours a little extra scratch and brush in honor of Isaac.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks everyone. He was indeed a noble creature.

You're right, Alan. I never had pets as a kid but these furry guys sure get under your skin.

Dennis Sanders

From one cat lover to another, you have my condolences.

Dana Ames

I''m sorry, M&M. He was a handsome cat and a good friend.


Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Dennis and Dana.


We had to put our cat Isaac down on May 10 2011 due to kidney failure also.

He was pure black and had a wonderful yeowwwwl of a voice.

Michael W. Kruse

They sure are hard to say good bye to, aren't they?

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