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Oct 11, 2011


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Beloved Spear

We are consumers before we are citizens. It is why we fail.

Michael W. Kruse

A lot of truth to that.

Dana Ames

Appearances speak a lot. If it's true that the richest people pay less in income taxes than their secretaries, that appearance/reality must be addressed. If it's not true, then we need an interpretation of the data that reflects truth and balance.

I wish someone (political candidates!) would actually talk policy (and media outlets would cover it), not simply fling slogans. So tired of the sloganeering.



Kevin and I reduced 16-year-old daughter to tears trying to explain Occupy Wall Street to her this evening. She was so confused, and we told her it's okay--it IS confusing. I was pretty tickled, though, when her conclusion, through her tears, was that entitlement was a huge part of the problem. After our talk, I shared your post with her, and I think it was a consolation that (1) she understood most of it and (2) that she's truly not alone in being confused about all of this.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the feedback. So glad you and your daughter found this helpful!

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