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Dec 21, 2011


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Dennis Sanders

I do have one problem with this article and that's the whole "depression" thing. I've been on anti-depressants and suffer from clinical depression and I know others who do as well. I don't think you can always tell someone to just "buck up" when they might not be able to without some medication or therapy. I will agree that liberals tend at times to not really deal with suffering, but trying to "forge ahead" at times is just not possible without some help.

Michael W. Kruse

Good point. I don't think he meant to imply that there isn't such a thing as depression and that there isn't need for treatment. Rather I think he was challenging the idea that ANY sadness or suffering is illness that needs to be addressed ... the idea that our lives should be free of ALL sorrow and unhappiness.

Dennis Sanders

Ah. Well that does make sense.

On another note, I think it would be great if you considered doing a post some time about Christmas and consumerism. Most mainliners tend to just complain about how commericailized we have become (of course, some of the same folk are also hawking their books and talking about the latest techno gizmo, which costs money). While I think there is some truth to the becoming too consumerist, I also think we need to be able to learn what it means to live in as a Christian in the economy instead of simply damning it all the time.

Just a thought.

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