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Feb 08, 2012


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"I’m saying that Jesus is not all you need, if by this you mean that you would be perfectly happy just to sit and pray and worship for the rest of eternity. On the contrary, Genesis reveals that we were created in God’s image to work in God’s world as co-creators (in a lesser fashion), fruit-bearers, and those who exercise authority over creation. ..."

But isn't that part of "worship"? Doesn't that flow from our relationship with Him?

Michael W. Kruse

In the first sentence you quoted:

Jesus fulfillment = sit and pray and worship for the rest of eternity.

In this context, I read "worship" to be conjuring up an image of the elders gathered around the throne shouting out praise and adoration.

Work is indeed a worshipful response to God (and Roberts affirms that in the comments) but it requires a more expansive understanding of worship than the colloquial use of the term, which is what I think he was getting at in the first sentence.


But which version or interpretation of what Jesus taught and demonstrated while he was alive?
Especially as there are now well over 30,000 different and differing Christian denominations, sects and sub-sects in the world, all competing for market share in in the market place of consumerist religion.

But then again Jesus was not in any sense a Christian, nor did he create the religion about him - aka Christian-ISM. ALL of which was created by others after his brutal murder, and mostly long after, and mostly by people who never ever met Jesus up close in a living-breathing-feeling human form.

Corpses or dead "human beings" are incapable of creating anything, especially mythologies about the presumed "resurrection" of their now very dead rotting (to dust) body.

Jesus was an outsider, a radical Spiritual Teacher who, while he was alive, taught and demonstrated a universal, non-Christian, non-sectarian Spirit-Breathing Spiritual Way of Spiritual Life. Such a Spirit-Breathing Way has been (and still is) the fundamental practice in all forms of esoteric Spiritual Religion in all time and places all over the world. Even the non-humans are capable of practicing such a Spirit-Breathing Way.

Michael W. Kruse

John, I hadn't heard from you in so long that I thought you had forgotten me. ;-)

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