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Feb 22, 2012


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Beau Weston

Is she teaching something her parishioners don't already know? That is what we can't tell from this account. She tells us they need to know, and the two substantive elements she describes are "an eight-week course on baptism" and "a leisurely talk about Jesus." I simply can't tell from that information whether there is any there, there.

There are churches that do draw busy people to class. It is not simply that "people today are too busy" or "people today want to do something tangible."

I would like to see the syllabus ...

Michael Kruse

I had similar questions. Our congregation is experiencing some growth in CE participation.

Dan S.

I wonder if she taught in short 5 minute online video segments, just like this one, if she would have an audience. I mean we watched it, and now we are pondering her message. I agree the world has changed.

Michael Kruse

Good point, Dan.


1. I think you have a leadership opportunity. Henry Blackaby defines leadership as "Moving people onto God's agenda." Aubrey Maphus defines a spiritual leader as a servant with credibility and capability that influences people within a given context to pursue their God-given direction. Read their books.

2. Preach Jesus crucified from the pulpit - every Sunday. Go through Acts and actually write out each sermon given by Peter, Stephen and Paul. People are searching and hungry for the Gospel preached by someone who is on fire for lost people. People need to turn their life over to Christ.

3. Look outward, not inward, and go and make disciples by personal evangelism. Find and train yourself and a few of your parishioners to go into the homes of anyone who will receive you and present the plan of salvation to individuals. Then you will gradually separate the wheat from the tares and those who are looking for a social club will have to see God at work at least once a week as you tell your stories of how you brought the clerk at Home Depot to salvation or how you watched the Holy Spirit work in the life of one of your parishioners who has rededicated his or her life to Christ.

4. A program driven church will die. A Gospel driven church will explode.

God Bless you..... Johnnie

Christy Bakker

I think the church has to do more of Deut. 6 ... that is teach along the highways and byways of life... Teach as you are doing. Instead of compartmentalizing everything into programs, teach prayer and then pray before every committee meeting or project or choir practice. Develope real koinenea in these places where people come together to "do." Also, make Sunday morning really, really count. People are there, so in every class and in the service, foster prayer, small groups, koinenea, intimacy with God and connection with each other. Those are my comments on the fly...

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