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Mar 09, 2012


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Beau Weston

Ah, you know I agree with you. The most egregious statement in all of the responses to Bill McKenzie's column also came from Prof. Rigby:

Until every stomach is full, until every family is housed, until every child can go to school healthy, clothed, and with a pencil and notebook in hand, the world has not improved enough to throw around such generalities.

I say, better is better.

Michael W. Kruse

You and I don't agree on lots of things but you know I'm completely with you on this one!

There is something more going on here than just the human tendency to respond initially with our amygdala (as Diamnadis talks about ... the part of the brain that processes threats). There is something deeply threatening to the Mainline theological establishment about improvement in significant aspects of human existence.

Daniel Kirk writes about storied theology. I think there is a Mainline mythos about what is happening in the world. The theology is inextricably tied to a story about the forces that are shaping the world. Mainline theology is crafted to address those "realities." If the world is greatly improving then the story is challenged. And if the story is challenged then the theological constructions interwoven with it are compromised. Facts and stats are no challenge for existential angst.

I'm not targeting Rigby. She is one messenger. "The story" has achieved strong hegemony. The longer it remains so, the farther away will our theological institutions drift from meaningful interaction with world.

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