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Apr 19, 2012


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Happiness is an elusive concept, even an elusive state of mind. I may be happy one day, unhappy the next. What makes me happy may make another unhappy.

The Founders felt that the pursuit of happiness was one of the main rights of man. But let each pursue it in hos own way, not in some sort of government-approved lockstep.

Then there are some who aren't happy unless they're miserable.


Happiness is the now-and-forever Mystery that IS the Real Heart and the Only Real God of every one.

The word that most aptly indicates what every one is seeking is Happiness. At heart, and fully everyone desires Happiness, although in some sense people would not even confess that Happiness is what they truly want - because they feel (and have even been taught) that the REAL attainment of Happiness is not even possible here and now, in this and every moment. Nevertheless, truly and always, this is what we our heart desires - Unalloyed, Unchanging, Absolute HAPPINESS. The "problem", simply stated, is that we are not any good at getting It! And we have no idea as to WHAT True Happiness Really IS.

Indeed our entire "culture" essentially teaches us to be unhappy. As do our religions which teach us that happiness is only possible somewhere else and in the next lifetime, in "heaven" - and then only if we are "good" in this life time.

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