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May 25, 2012


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This could be the start of something big. At the least, it's a big step forward. As far as tourism goes, I don't think it'll really catch on. As someone said about Texas, there's no there there.

Michael W. Kruse

True that there is no there there, but I hear the view is spectacular. The weightlessness thing has to be pretty cool too.


I was born in 62 and the space race has been a huge impact on my life. I felt the astronauts were heroes, and I was fascinated by the science. I eventually became an engineer, but in my heart I still want to be an astronaut.

I have spent about half of my nights trying to go to sleep imagining that I am getting into the capsule and then blasting off. Love it.

Many years ago I got my wife to agree that I could go when the price gets to $200k or less. It looks like I may get to live my dream after all!

Michael W Kruse

I can think of any number of people who would contribute to a one way ticket for me! ;-)

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