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May 25, 2012


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Dana Ames

The Chinese are not deterred. A good friend who has been a missionary in Uganda and RSA told me that Africa is crawling with Chinese workers, investors and others who are interested in getting the most resources for lowest price, usually to the detriment of Africans.


Michael W. Kruse

I sometimes wonder if being rich in natural resources isn't a curse. Paul Collier has some good thoughts on how to address some of these challenges in "Plundered Planet." Mostly dealing with transparency, particularly the use of a transparent auction process to for who gets the rights to mine which resources on what terms.

Still, even in the midst of all this, the good news is that the lives of hundreds of millions are changing for the better. But Africa is a big place. And I have the sense that there is a wide variance from nation to nation. I don't know much about Uganda but do know others who work with RSA and I think they would confirm your worries about that nation.

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