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May 24, 2012


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Marie Bowen

Thanks for this post, Michael. You have captured many of the causes for a cultural shift toward an increasingly pro-life view of abortion. I would add that many Americans under 40 have experienced the loss of siblings who were aborted. They have seen the effect of that abortion experience on their moms and dads too and have observed the regret and guilt that results from abortion.

I've been reading the social witness policy of the Presbyterian Church (USA)this week. It is 20 years old now. Usually I am focused on how it is out of touch with Biblical teaching on the value of life, but this time I was struck by how outdated it is medically, scientifically, and how out of touch with current cultural thinking on abortion.

I am grateful that for your insightful and clear writing on this topic.

Michael W. Kruse

Marie, just to be clear, the text above the graph is an excerpt from the linked article. I think the author is on to something but I wonder how much is based on research and speculation. I have read of research elsewhere that corroborates how the changes in technology have had an impact. Not sure about the rest.

Either way, like I said at the end, end I think it is to early to say a tide has changed in a particular direction.

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