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Sep 12, 2012


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Why not just use plain old English language instead of mystifying "theology"-speak words such as escathology?
And does so called theology equip anyone to understand anything at the in-depth feeling level?

That having been said please check out some references which give a truly radical perspective of where the humanly created world is at in 2012, how we got to here, and what, if anything, we can do about it.








In my opinion the unspeakably vile sado-masochistic snuff/splatter movie reviewed at this reference tells us much about the eschatology that is now driving/patterning much/most/all of applied right-wing politics in the USA, and thus by extension the rest of the world.

The copious foot noted Truth Telling book The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein describes how this toxic meme was applied all over the world.

There are of course many such Truth Telling authors and sources. Some which come to mind are Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Henry Giroux, and in more darkly graphic terms Adbusters Magazine.

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