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Oct 31, 2012


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Dennis Sanders

Thanks for sharing this and kudos to Bono for "getting it."

I've never been there, but I wonder if this is why Haiti continues to be so poor. There are tons of aid workers there from what I know, and they were there even before the earthquake. I wonder if all this aid has made them dependent on it and has stunted any growth of the private sector.

When you look at places like Brazil and even India, you see people slowly but surely coming out of poverty and it's being done mostly because they have economies that are growing and employing people.

There is also a part of me that wonders if there is some "soft racism" going on. Most of the countries that are dependent on aid tend to be African or of African descent. It just always seems that at least in the eyes of people in the West, Africa is a problem to solved or someone to be pitied instead as a potential partner. It seems to me that the reason Haiti is poor and the reason so many African nations are poor is not because the mean United States is hogging money or because of evil capitalism. It might just be that we giving them the wrong kind of help. We are managing them as if this is a long term disaster instead of as the old saying goes, "teaching them how to fish."

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