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Nov 03, 2012


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Dana Ames

Hey Mike-

I like the Saturday links.

Is is possible for you to make it so that the link opens a new tab? When navigating back and forth, it's annoying to have to wait (the extra second or part thereof - oh how impatient re the computer I have become!) for the pages to load. I think it would also reflect in your stats as to how long a person stays at the site, because the original tab would not close.



Michael W. Kruse

Dana, do you use a PC? If you right click on the link the first option in the list is to open in a new tab. Adding the code to each of the links to toggle them to open differently would be tedious. I'm not sure there is a way to change the default in my context.

Interesting thought about the stats. I'm not sure what the implication would be. I'll monitor my link to page view ratio for Saturday, as well as view length, and see if Saturday's are different from the rest of the week.

E. Stanley Ott

The link to the digitizing of the Colonial Louisiana records really interests me as our family has two hundred years of history there. It will be very interesting when the records are accessible by the public to see what I may learn of my ancestors!

Dana Ames

Don't want to make more work for you, that's for sure.

Yes, I use a PC and I didn't know - or didn't remember - that a new tab could be opened that way. Will do that in the future.


Michael W. Kruse

Stan, I have a few Louisiana folks myself. I'm looking forward to learning more.

Dana, it the right click doesn't work well, let me know. I'll submit it to product development. ;-)

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