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Oct 10, 2012


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Viola Larson

This brings up all kinds of questions from my outlook. Although I do want to agree with your thought that, "Somehow the church has to help people understand how the mission of God connects with the routines of their daily lives, regardless of what tradtional or nontraditional form those routines may take." That is exactly right.

But having said that and having raised a large family, six children and now up to five great granddaughters, my perspective is quite different. My connections are with many who have home schooled (but not I) and their large families. It seems to me if this generation is not having children or even marriage, that the coming generations might eventually belong to those who are having children and thereby change the whole outlook of the culture.
For instance one of my daughters has six, like me, the rest have several but their view is that families are important and so is conservative ethics and traditions, etc., etc.

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