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Oct 10, 2012


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I often see students in my classes who struggle with a liberal arts education and who are not really academically minded. They might say something like "why can't I just start doing stuff, why do I have to take so many classes". They struggle academically because they lose motivation. In their mind they are there to get a job, not an education. It seems to me that many of these students would do well in trade schools.

Michael W. Kruse

I hear ya. The number of students have been trapped in this "college degree solves everything" is really tragic. Too many are saddled with needless debt and wasted years.

And yet I think about a friend who is almost 15 years younger than I am. We used to eat lunch weekly. He was married with four boys and had a high school education. He grew up in poverty. No one in his family had anything beyond high school. No one had ever remotely suggested he try higher education.

As I talked with him, it was so clear to me that he had a very sharp mind and a highly inquisitive spirit. I prodded him for almost two years to just try a college class and see what he thought. He finally tried a class. Today he has a college degree and a M.Div.

I think the real issue is that we haven't developed good social structures that help people discern vocation.

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