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Oct 15, 2012


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From my perspective as a science professor, I see the value of having parts of classes online, but I'm always a little concerned about the idea that online classrooms are the future because we do more than deliver content.

I spend about half of my teaching load running labs, teaching physical skills and interacting with instruments. Even virtual labs are a poor replacement for the physical and reasoning skills developed in the lab. I don't know how you do that for free or remotely.

I also wonder about how this idea of massive open online courses (MOOC) stacks up with the wealth of information out there that says education has to be more than content delivery. Maybe it's a bit of bruised ego, but I'd like to think that as I am dedicating my life to higher education, I am more than a content-delivery and grading machine.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for your thoughts! What I suspect is that there may be a "weeding" of the disciplines. Some disciplines will be highly amenable to MOCC, some will not, others will have element of both. The old models will not completely disappear but the may recede in dominance as variety of other models emerge alongside.

As I was thinking about this I think professors are about to be hit with the same disorientation that pastors have felt in the church as traditional models recede and the number of models multiplies.

Dana Ames

We need more and better vocational education. I think this is really being overlooked as a potential path for the student who has no interest in college but wants to make a good living. Providers of quality VoEd would also be able to make money for their training skills.


MBA College in Mumbai

It would be really good for those who really wants education and it can also change the literacy ratio in the nation as well.

Trident University

Every student is different; some are more suited for vocational training while others want the traditional degree. Online education is great for personal enrichment but the online medium can also be used to make education more affordable.

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