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Nov 10, 2012


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Dana Ames

I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

I cringe when a restaurant server -not waiter/waitress :) calls me and my party "you guys." I know the person is trying to be friendly and casual, but I think that is leaning a bit toward disrespectful of someone my age - totally unintentionally, I know; I used to wait tables in college, and I hope I'm not becoming a grouchy old fart. Now I can suggest "everyone" as an option that sounds friendly and casual, yet more respectful.


Michael W. Kruse

We have an easy fix for this in the Midwest and South. It's called "Ya'll" ;-)


McD: Usually McD's biggest gains would be made during bad economy, I recall that the large of McD's gains was during the height of the economic recession. Perhaps I may be considered overoptimistic to say that economy in general may be improving.

Michael W. Kruse

Dan I was unaware of that correlation. Most economists I see say the economy is improving, but at a snails pace.


Food for thought (pun not entirely intended):
If you look at McD's stock history, between 99 to end of 02 their stock tumbled from 42 a share to 13 a share. To my knowledge, this was during the stock bubble. Since that bubble burst, MCD regained all its value within the next 4-5 years. Around 2007, MCD's gains suddenly accelerated, just around the time the 'great recession' has been purported to have begun. As they hit an all-time high of just over a 100 a share, 2012 came and tidbits of good news started to trickle in about the economy. While none of the news was signalling the return to the same kind of growth we had near the turn of the century, it may have been enough to ding McD's revenues some and their stock value appears to reflect that. It's a very interesting correlator of economic health. While I haven't really looked much into their year-to-year revenues, their stockholder responses to the overall economic news seems to favor McD in bad times.

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