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Nov 07, 2012


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I think what you and Scot say are good cautions for us, both in immanetizing the eschaton and in duplicity in our political thinking.

Yet I will say I do know left-leaning Christians who were so concerned about empire, militarism and civil liberties issues that they either hesitantly voted democratic, voted for alternative party candidates or even not at all. I respect that consistency and want to note that there are those who practice it.

I think we have yet to develop the kind of language in the US Church that allows for elections to be consequential, instruments for restraining injustice, and even in some small ways redemptive without being Big "E" Eschatological.

Michael W. Kruse

Yes. And I have seen evidence of that consistency. I guess what I'm being struck by is how easy it is for so many to selectively use "prophetic" critique. It waters down our witness when it is used so selectively.

Tom Hobson

My faith is disturbed by the thought that God would reward what I perceive to be $1 billion worth of lies and hatred done by the winner of this campaign (I realize that some see it differently). If this is loving behavior, do we have permission to reciprocate it? And what does it say about turning the other cheek, to see Americans still blaming Bush for the current mess because Bush followed Jesus and refused to defend himself? These are what shake my faith in the Bible as a reliable guide to ethical behavior. (I know the answer: this life is a test to see if we will do what is right even if we get no positive reinforcement, simply because God tells us to.)
All this has forced me to ask why have I loved America. As Satan accused Job, have I loved it just because of its benefits of freedom and opportunity, and if those are now a thing of the past, what then?
My Biblical model at the moment is Athaliah, who used a crisis to seize power and rule Judah like a Canaanite despot for 7 years. We must remain faithful, no matter who is on the throne.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for you thoughts, Tom.

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