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Dec 01, 2012


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The link in #5 isn't right.

#14 is why I'd like to start making a bioethics, or at least scientific ethics, class a requirement for all science majors.

#17 is interesting. Is the decline partly due to concern over Obamacare or just lack of confidence in the economy in general?

#18 I find the 75% positive rating for Big Business and Federal Government for Republicans and Democrats respectively a pretty good summary of the basic political divide.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the heads up on #5. I think it works now.

#14 and maybe some ethics classes for business majors as well.

#17 I don't know why the drop. You can see that if begins in the Spring. I suspect a combination of implementing aspects of the Affordable Care Act, fiscal cliff issues, and a rising fear of another recession could be why but I'm speculating. Bad policy with certainty is often better for businesses than uncertainty. Certainty enables planning.

I agree about #18.

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